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                Our group signed global industrial liaison program with MIT

                Reading amount: 10150 release date: 2016-07-15


                Group executive director, General manager Jichang Han and Chief director, Carl Koster signed global industrial liaison program.

                Sep 4th, Shaanxi Land Engineering Construction Group executive director, general manger Jichang Han went to Boston, visited MIT Media Lab, and signed global industrial liaison program with chief director of ILP, Karl Koster. The both side exchanged views on issue of technology research, project operation and talent education.

                According to agreement, Shaanxi Land Engineering Construction have ILP member rights, and will have long-term cooperation and mutual benefits relationship with MIT. Both will co-hosted ILP Creation center forum Xi’an China.

                By reported, MIT ILP started on 1948, which dedicated to create and strength MIT mutual benefit relationship with global wide enterprise. For now, like Apple, 3M, Samsun and other over 200 enterprises joint into this program. Shaanxi Land Engineering Construction Group could share all academy research resource from MIT. ILP have around 225 enterprises, but our group is the first Land utilizing enterprise which let us become an important partner in ILP.


                      During the visit, Mr. Han had discussion with Richard Wang about research projects, and visited beautiful MIT campus.




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