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                Reading amount: 20486 release date: 2016-09-10

                In order to facilitate and develop Big Data applied in the Land resource and Land engineering, to promote related technology innovation. The MIT global innovation forum --- the rising of Big Data and Land engineering international academic exchange conference   scheduled on 2016, 20th – 21st, at Xi’an Shaanxi. We sincerely welcome experts and scholars to participate in.

                1、Conference organization

                Sponsor:Shaanxi Province Land and Resource、Shaanxi state-owned assets supervision and administration commission、Shaanxi province administration of foreign experts affairs.

                Organizer: Massachusetts Inst. Tech Industrial Liaison Program USAShaanxi Province Land Engineering Construction Group Co. LTD.

                2、Conference Theme

                The rising of Big Data and Land engineering

                3、Conference arrangement

                1、Deadline for registration: September 9, 2016

                2、Attendance sign in: September 19th, Xi’an Jinjiang Internation Hotel.

                3Conference Agenda: 20th Acadimic Conference and industrial forum, 21st visit Shaanxi Land engineering construction scientific research center.

                5、Conference location: Chanba Ecological District, Xi’an,  Shaanxi Province, northeast corner of the intersection by Guangyuntan Avenue and Xingtai Seventh Road. Technology Research institute of Shaanxi Land Engineering Construction Group.

                4、Conference accommodation

                Xi’an Jinjiang International Hotel. If needed, conference staff could make arrangement.


                We will provide airport and station pickup service on Sep 19th at Airporttrain stations.

                6、Thesis Submission and publication

                The Conference accept unpublished thesis, the conference will pick outstand thesis and published at “Land development engineering research”.

                7Registration Fee


                8、contact information

                Contacts: Pei Fu, Bing Yi

                Phone: (029)88489571,88489647

                Email: 929753646@qq.com(報名)14678868@qq.com (投稿)

                Email: 929753646@qq.com(Registration14678868@qq.com (Thesis Submission


                address: Shanxi Guangtai Road 7, post code 710075


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